How I'm using opensource software and old hardware I have lying around to build a home lab.


  • For starters I went with a smaller 2 post rack.
  • And a couple of shelves.
  • A buddy of mine provided me with an old Netgear GSM7224.
    • No cost there :-)
    • The fans that come in these switches are known to get pretty loud.
    • I replaced the original fans in it with a pair that are nearly silent.
    • I love how quiet these are!
  • I have an old netbook with an atom processor and about 1G of ram.
    • Enough to test pfSense, among other things.
  • For my starter docker host, I have and old Samsung laptop with an i5 and 8g of ram.
    • Good enough for hosting my docker swarm
    • This ghost blogs host